On-Line support and help

These are the settings that you will need to configure FreeISP:

FreeISP Local Rate Telephone Numbers

Modem Type Telephone number
Any Modem or ISDN 0845 667 1011
Any Modem or ISDN 0845 667 1111
Any Modem or ISDN 0845 667 1511
64Kb ISDN (including BT Home Highway) 0845 667 1311

FreeISP Server Settings

Outgoing or SMTP mail server name: smtp.freeisp.co.uk
Incoming or PoP3 Mail server name: pop3.freeisp.co.uk
e-mail account name YOUR logon name
e-mail password YOUR FreeISP password
DNS or Nameserver settings: leave as 'Server Assigned'
Your IP Address: leave as 'Server Assigned'
FTP server for uploading your web pages: homepages.freeisp.co.uk (Login using your logon name & password)
News server setting: news.freeisp.co.uk
DNS Server Address: (leave server assigned if possible please)
Your e-mail and web address:
This obviously varies according to your own settings, therefore replace username with your username and anything means literally anything.
Your e-mail address anything@username.freeisp.co.uk
Your web address www.username.freeisp.co.uk
Configure Dial-up Networking in Win95, Win98 and NT4

If you are using Windows 95, Windows 98 or Windows NT4 then you need to configure a new dial-up networking connection. To do this follow these instructions:

  1. From Start Accessories choose Dial-up Networking
  2. Choose Make New Connection
  3. Type in a suitable name where prompted, e.g. FreeISP
  4. Choose your modem in the drop down list, then choose next
  5. Enter the correct phone number for your modem type. If unsure then simply enter the General number.
  6. Click Finish.
  7. You should now have an icon called FreeISP (or whatever you called the connection).
  8. Right click on the icon and choose properties
  9. Uncheck the 'Enable Software Compression' and 'Enable PPP LCP extensions' boxes
  10. click on the TCP/IP box. Both the 'IP Address' and 'Name Server' settings should to left as 'Server Assigned'
  11. Leave the 'IP Header compression' and 'Use default gateway' boxes checked. Click OK to return to the icon.
  12. Double click on that icon and enter your FreeISP logon name and password. Click OK and you should be connected to the Internet.

Any problems then e-mail